Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chapter 9: Realization

   No one spoke for a few very long minutes. Ardan was tight-lipped, his eyes stoney, but slightly damp. Rheto's face was on his paws, his eyes glancing from them to Ardan every few seconds. Fulkar was still calm, but it was obvious he was thinking hard.
   "Why did they kill him?" asked Ardan, breaking the silence.
   "Because they were afraid of him," replied Rheto.
   "Because he was brave and good and wielded extremely powerful magic. Much more than any one of them. That made them afraid."
   "I hate them."
   "So do I." Light was beginning to appear on the horizon and Fulkar stretched his wings.
   "You have great magic also, little friend. Do not think that it is not passed in the blood. Your father could speak any language, and so far, you are following in his footsteps. Perhaps you will be able to avenge his death someday," said Fulkar slowly.
   "He could not!" Rheto yelped, jumping to his feet. "They would only kill him!"
   "Not likely," Fulkar said snorting, blue flames spurting from his nostrils, that almost singed Ardan's curls. "If they do not know he is coming, if they do not know he is magical, and if they do not the extent of his magic, he could do great damage." Fulkar's giant eyes were only slits and his voice grew serious.
   "No! Revenge is never right." Rheto replied. "Your father would never agree with revenge."
   "Not revenge entirely. He could finish his father's work. Bring down this Ghava person and return Balti to its more moral past."
    "He's too young. He doesn't know any magic. He has no control."
    "I know someone who could teach him. I was on my way there when I stopped to rest here. You two are welcome to come along." Rheto and Fulkar both looked at Ardan. He didn't answer them right away, but sat for a minute contemplating.
    "I do not want revenge," Ardan stood up. "but I want to go with you Fulkar. I want to learn and be powerful and someday, I want to return to Balti with my mother. I want to finish my father's work and to not be afraid." Fulkar's eyes brightened. He stretched his body and fluttered his wings.
    "Your mother will die of worry," Rheto said.
    "No she won't. She will hear the story from Taur and know I left. She will also know that I will return." Ardn threw his bag back across his shoulder and turned to Rheto. "You have been with my mother for a long time, I do not expect you to leave her, but you are welcome to come."
    "She would kill me if I abandoned you or else I would die of shame. I will go."
    "Good," smiled Ardan. "I hoped you would."


  1. This is really good!!!!!!! I have your mom for English,Reading,and Spelling.