Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chapter 3: Moonlight

     It was cool outside. He had had a most refreshing sleep. He opened his eyes and began to lift his head, but found he couldn't. His neck was restrained by something. He tried to stretch his wings, but could not move them. His whole body was immobile. He tilted his head and revolved his great eye so that he could see his body and groaned. Thickly woven nets were thrown across his body and staked to the ground. Even his tail was under them. There were layers of them across his back and they gave only inches when he strained against them. He had been foolish and now he was trapped. As weak as he had been he should have flown further. He should have found a safer place. Now he was trapped; the greatest insult to a drakon was to be restrained by force. His eyes fell along with his pride, but he did not give up. He sniffed the air, but smelled nothing living. The nets smelled of plant and desert. They could not hold him forever. He rolled his eyes upward and stared at the moon.
    "Give me strength," he begged of the glowing orb. He kept fighting, but the nets seemed to move even less. It would take all night, but he would be free again.

Chapter 4: Starlight

    A whistle came from a grove of trees and a pair of feet appeared from beneath the closest tent's edge. Taur wriggled backwards out from underneath the tent, a woven bag clasped in his left hand. He glanced around the dark village and then sprinted to Ardan's side, hiding in the grove.
    "What took so long?" Ardan whispered, Taur just gaped at him, slightly disgusted at the question. "Nevermind. I'm glad you came."
    "I hate you," replied Taur, narrowing his eyes. He threw the strap of the bag across his chest and glanced inside, checking the contents for what was most likely the tenth time since dark. Ardan smiled, but did not reply. He whistled a different pitch and his pet appeared out of the darkness.
    "Let's go."
    "Fine." replied Taur following on Ardan's heels. "I can't believe you brought him." he said pointing to the little tan animal. "He's going to get us caught."
    "Ha! Rheto is quieter than you and much braver." Taur grumbled to himself, but followed Ardan into the open desert on the other side of the grove. Ardan glanced at the sky, noting the stars, as his bare feet hit the sand. "You said west right?" Taur nodded. "So, let's go." He began walking away from the grove, going a little to the right as Rheto bounded along behind them and taur dragged hid feet. In the starlight it was noticeable that Ardan had added a light vest and a small woven bag to his body, along with a knife on a belt around his waist.
    "How far to the dunes?" Taur asked. "Your older than me. I've only been this far once."
    "Not much further. Then just over the dunes and we'll see it."
    "Great." replied Taur frowning.

(Lots of short chapters in a row... )

Chapter 5: Sight

    Ardan took the last ten yards to the dunes' crest at a run; Taur did not. It had been a hard trip to the dunes. Ardan's legs were longer than Taur's and he had had to work to keep up with the older boy's persistent anticipation. Now Taur was dreading what he would see when he finally made it to the top. He slowed his steps, but jumped and ran when Ardan exclaimed.

Chapter 6: Smell

   He had been working for hours, but still could barely wiggle his toes; whoever had tied him down made very strong nets, perhaps even magical ones. Still, he had not given up. He would never give up, for drakons were known for their optimism, but that did not mean that he wasn't frustrated, only that he believed it would all work out for the best. He was preparing to try and stretch the nets once again when a new smell caught in his nostrils. He sniffed the air and because of his surprise, tried to swing his head around to see behind him. His head struck a stake in the ground and he grunted. Not from pain, but from annoyance. Sneaking up on someone was rude, and he was being snuck up upon.
   "I know you're there. There are two of you and a small mammal. It is very rude not to introduce yourselves and since I am bound and you are not, it falls on you to begin the introductions."


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