Thursday, February 18, 2010

Chapter 11: Rest

   "Fulkar?" asked Ardan, unsure if the drakon would hear him over the wind.
   "Yes?" he answered, inclining his head slightly toward Ardan.
   "Who is it we're going to see?" He was dying to know. He felt excited and scared and couldn't stop fidgeting.
   "Who's that?"
   "A very powerful magician." Ardan could see an image in his head. An old man with a long beard and strong voice.
   "Is that who will teach me?"
   "Yes. If you, well, if we, ask nicely." Ardan settled back against Fulkar's spike and glanced down  at Rheto who-surprisingly-fast asleep. He began to daydream as they flew higher until they were above the clouds. He could see himself now, magician. Learning from an aged, wise and wonderful magician, casting spells... soon he too was asleep, snoring slightly; his eyelids fluttering as he dreamed of his new life.
   He woke as he was jolted, causing the net to cut into his abdomen and thighs. Rheto yelped, and Ardan's eyes flew open. It was night again, and they had reached the edge of the sand and a forrest. The trees were thick and packed together. He had never seen so many trees, and all of them were so large! Ardan's eyes too grew large as he realized that Fulkar was falling out of the sky. He opened his mouth to scream, but the air was stolen from his lungs as they descended.
   At the last possible moment Fulkar flung his gigantic wings outward, and the surprisingly landed with just the slightest thump. Rheto tried to squeeze out of the ropes, but was unable to get himself free.
   "I'll untie us," Ardan said. He reached down and pulled a loose cord and all the netting fell away from Fulkar's back.  Rheto leapt to the ground, shaking his body vigorously and then took a long roll in the sand. Ardan slipped down and landed lightly in the sand. It was fully night now, and the moonlight bounced off the sand and cast long shadows from the trees.
    Fulkar stretched his long neck and let out a roar that made the trees and ground shake. When he had finished, he closed his great mouth and shook his head, sending a tremor down the length of his body until the very tip of his tail twitched.
    "Well, now I feel better." Fulkar said laughing. "I've never had anyone ride me before, and it causes me to itch terribly." Ardan laughed along with him as Rheto smiled. "Now, you two need some food, am I right?" Fulkar asked, one great eye examining them closely.
    "Yes," replied Rheto.
    "I brought a little bit of sand cake, but it won't be enough for more then one meal." Ardan replied dropping his bag in onto the sand. he reached his hand inside and quickly pulled out two small, flat cakes that were yellow and dry. He took a bite out of one, cracking it loudly between his teeth. The other he offered to Rheto.
    "No thank you. I will find my own food," he replied and slid across the sand until he disappeared into the forrest.
    "Will you tell me more of Celeret?" Ardan asked, lifting his eyes from his meager meal to meet Fulkar's.

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