Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Chapter 15: Reasons

   "I don't know why you brought him to me, but I am expecting a detailed explanation." Celeret stated as she walked out of the tunnel onto the balcony. Fulkar was sitting on an outcropping of stone on the side of the mountain, enjoying the open air and expanse after the cramped tunnel. The balcony hung over a mile from the bottom of the mountain and it's beak was so high its view was blocked by the clouds. There was another, smaller mountain on every side, four in all, causing a wall to be formed around this oasis within the mountain range. Fulkar looked up at her and snorted.
   "Do you really care what I have to say? You have already made up you mind, have you not?"
   "Perhaps, but I always like a good story."
   "He rescued me." Celeret let loose a laugh that sounded like a  hundred bells had been rung at once.
   "He rescued you?" She laughed again her eyes shining.
   "Yes he did. Are you so surprised?"
   "He's a child." She stopped laughing and placed her hands on her hips. "Are you trying to trick me?"
   "No. I swear to you that I speak the truth." He recounted the story to her and when he had finished, he asked her forgiveness. " I hope you do not think ill of me for bringing him without notice. I thought it very unwise and irresponsible to leave him to stay uneducated."
   "I do not think ill of you. I will teach him, but I do not think he is as powerful as you do. Not to mention, that he is weak spirited. I do not think he will last a week."
   "He will last. Give him some credit, Celeret. You have grown cynical and pessimistic as youve aged. Have a little hope."
   "No... but I will teach him just the same."
   "Fine. Do it your own way. I must ask you though, what had you decided before I told you the story?"
   "To keep him. What can I say? I enjoy entertainment." with that she turned and reentered the tunnel. Fulkar shook his head and launched himself into the air, disappearing into the clouds.

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